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Founder, Owner and Managing Director
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Marketing and Business Development Manager and Translator
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About Martin Sauter:

Martin Sauter is the Founder and Managing Director of Nanak Consult-Holding GmbH and works as a freelance Consultant in the field of Renewable Energies since October 2014. He has a total experience of over 25 years in the renewable energy sector. As a consultant, he has helped various international companies improve their market strategies, adviced them on product portfolios to the extent of creating a completely new product line suiting the demands of the market. In collaboration with a US-German organisation 'SolarBuyer', he has also performed couple of technical audits of inverter manufacturers in Europe and Asia for the investors, helping them in taking decisions for a safe long-term investment.
Martin Sauter is also one of the founding members of the Smart Grid Platform Foundation in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, since 2012 serving as a part of its supervisory board. His main responsibility is to contribute towards conceptualisation of the smart grid programme for the complete state of Baden-Württemberg.
skytron energy GmbH
Founded by Martin Sauter in Berlin in 1996 specialising in the field of solar display systems, recyclable PV Inverters, monitoring solutions for utility-scale PV power plants and control units for solar tracking systems. He served throughout as the Managing Director of skytron energy until 2012 before selling it to AEG Power Solutions.
Post his tenure at skytron energy, Martin Sauter served as Vice President and Counsel to the CEO of AEG Power Solutions.
Martin Sauter was also the co-founder of Solon AG in Berlin, a well-known module manufacturing company for whom he provided various technical engineering solutions:  integrating by-pass diodes in the solar modules, conducting feasibility study for module-integrated photovoltaic inverters and developing motion control unit for solar tracking systems.

Martin Sauter has vast experience in the solar PV Industry across the globe including Europe, North America and Asia (especially India). His interest for the Indian culture brought him to India in 1994 for the first time and since then he has worked and lived in India quite often. Since 1996, he supports an Indian NGO named Calcutta Rescue Clinic and is now looking forward to contributing to the Indo-German Cooperation in the field of renewable energies.
Martin Sauter has in his career won many awards for his products, namely:
• Solar City Award from the State of Berlin in 1996
• Elected as Nominee for the eco design Award of the Federal Republic of Austria in 1998
• Environment Award from the State of Berlin in 1999
• Intersolar Award for most innovative product in Munich in 1999
Martin Sauter holds a degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the Technical University of Federal Post of Germany in Berlin.
About Gagandeep Kaur:


Gagandeep Kaur is the Marketing and Business Development Manager at Nanak Consult-Holding GmbH since ist foundation. She has a total experience of over 12 years, out of which the last 7 years in the solar photovoltaic industry. Gagandeep Kaur specializes in the field of translation (technical as well as business translations), market research, business development and sales. In her past, she has worked with reputed organisations like skytron energy GmbH, Gerson Lehrman Group and Hughes. Gagandeep Kaur is a highly educated professional and possesses her masters degree in information technology as well as in German language. She is a certified translator and interpreter from India and speaks English, Hindi and German fluently. Gagandeep Kaur is also a certified DGS Photovoltaics Expert.


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